Personalised Branding - Lynda Reynolds
Lynda Reynolds
Personalised Branding

brand strategy and delivery

Working with Creative Council has been a journey of self discovery. As well as creating a new brand which I am excited about, I now have a strong business which I am proud of.


Michele is smart, organised and intuitive. The process she uses for brand development is extremely well thought out and executed. Her approach is forward thinking which creates flexibility and longevity in the brand. From the initial brand proposal through to the brand launch, all stages were well managed and communicated. Using a consultative approach, Michele ensures trust in the process and complete satisfaction in the results.

The Development Foundation - Nicky Sinclair
Nicky Sinclair
The Development Foundation

company identity, structure and planning

I have a busy consultancy that specialises in leadership development. Michele talked to my
clients, researched the industry, spoke to me at length and developed an analysis of where I had been, where I was at and what the future potential is of my business.


I am very excited about my new company name, structure and look. It defines what I do and what I offer my clients and I look to the future with clarity and direction.

Anchor Trustees - David Willis
David Willis
Anchor Trustees

brand redevelopment

At Anchor Trustees we have been committed to providing our clients with the highest level of independent trustee services since 1996. With an ever growing client base both here in New Zealand and throughout Europe and South America we felt that our existing brand identity did not reflect our business or our people.


We enlisted the services of Creative Council to work alongside us to refresh our presentation and messaging to both our current and prospective clientele.


We are delighted with the outcomes. Once we established what our key objectives were, the rest of the process was a seamless roll out of our new brand presentation from logo through to all printed collateral and website.


The results speak for themselves, we now have a brand that is relevant to the market today, and the people that we work for.

Brian Anderson Accounting Services
Brian Anderson
Brian Anderson Accounting Services

brand development

As Chartered Accountants, it is our role to deliver expertise in specialised services and consultancy. There are a myriad of facts that are required to be conveyed to our existing and potential clients. Michele worked with us to clarify our offering and communicate the services that we provide in a format that is useful and reflects our perspective precisely accurately.


We were delighted with the new presentation of our business and the enhancement of our approach which included logo development, website and collateral.

PBT Transport - Peter Baker
Peter Baker
PBT Transport

event management

When we spoke to Michele about organising our conference, we were looking for someone to deliver an experience that was professional and ticked all the boxes.


The investment we made in pulling our people together cumulated in an event that was memorable for all those who participated. She brings a creative approach to every detail from the venue management, through to the workshops, presentations, activities and entertainment.


Our people were engaged in a seamless programme that delivered key business drivers and was a huge amount of fun.

Your Space - Anne-Grete Videbeck
Anne-Grete Videbeck
Your Space

brand strategy and delivery

Michele was wonderful in working with me to develop the branding of my new business.


Clarifying exactly what I do and creating the look and feel of my collateral, supported the professional image I wanted to convey.


I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Creative Council.